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Wild Yonder Botanicals

Wild Yonder Zodiac Bath Soaks

Wild Yonder Zodiac Bath Soaks

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Wild Yonder Botanicals’ zodiac mineral soaks are made with organic sea salt, epsom salt, essential oils, jojoba, and biodynamic honey. Add a handful to your next ritual bath for a multi-sensory experience, or use them as an all-over exfoliating body scrub.

Each packet is 2.5 oz and is made from post consumer recycled film (saving it from the landfill!) Each zodiac-specific packet sold separately — see below for individual scents.


Aries: rose
Taurus: sandalwood
✷ Gemini: petitgrain
Cancer: lavender
✷ Leo: sweet orange
Virgo: pinon pine
 Libra: ylang ylang
Scorpio: neroli
✷ Sagittarius: lemon
 Capricorn: cedarwood
Aquarius: frankincense
✷ Pisces: vetiver

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