about us

Ritualist is a modern witch shop offering goods that have been crafted with intention and care by individuals and small brands who share our values and visions for a brighter future. We seek to be a supportive and inspiring space for all, whether you're seeking tools for self-reflection, support for deep shadow work, allies for radical self-care, or just looking for new ways to deepen your practice. We operate with the belief that tangible objects — whether used for divination and spell work, self-discovery, or physical and emotional nourishment  can add so much to your daily rituals, but ultimately, everything you need is already inside of you.

a note from our founder

I launched Ritualist in the spring of 2020 as a way to share some of my favorite tools for healing + magic-making. The goods you’ll find in the shop have become my trusted friends and allies: they’ve nourished me, offered me new perspectives and guidance, and helped me tap into my intuition. They’re incredible tools that you can reach for when you need some support — but ultimately, they’re here to remind you of the power that already lives within you.

As my own spiritual and magical practices have deepened over time, I’ve often returned to the idea of personal power — and like many, I’ve been angered and disheartened by all of the ways in which our society tries to separate us from it. I’ve found that reconnecting to my true nature through ritual allows me to step back into my power so that I can show up fully for myself and for others — especially those who don’t live with the many privileges that I benefit from every day. This work is not just about bettering myself, but about constantly learning to do better out in the world: to amplify the voices of those who are most often silenced, to acknowledge and actively fight against systems of harm and oppression, and to share my resources with individuals + organizations who are doing important work to dismantle those systems.

I’m based in New York’s Hudson Valley (living on Munsee Lenape land) and I’m a mostly-introverted lover of plants, astrology, and human connection (there’s nothing I love more than sitting in circle with others, sharing experiences and visions for the future.) I’m a Capricorn sun + moon and a Pisces rising, and I’m constantly trying to practice being soft and trusting my inner wisdom. I love learning about folk traditions, the history of witchcraft, and other people’s practices, but my own practice is rooted in the idea that whatever feels right is right (as long as it’s not steeped in appropriation or causing harm, of course.) I believe that anything done with intention and presence — no matter how simple — can be a ritual, and can help us come back home to ourselves.

 xo, Dana