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The Wild Unknown

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

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Designed by Kim Krans, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck is an oracle deck and guidebook inspired by real and mythical animals, created to help seekers of all levels expand their practice of self-discovery. Hand-drawn in Krans’s detailed and emotionally evocative style, it's a work of art that explores the mysteries of the natural world and the animal kingdom.

Krans’s powerful animal archetypes offer insight into relationships, personalities, behaviors, and tendencies and can be used alone or alongside a tarot deck to add an additional layer of depth to readings. The hand-lettered, fully illustrated guidebook offers grounded, easy to understand explanations of the cards, a detailed look at the many spreads, practices, and concepts that power the Animal Spirit deck, and deep insight into how each animal helps illuminate our contradictions, our complex natures, and the endless mystery of who we are.

This beautiful 63-card deck and 208-page guidebook come packed in a large keepsake box.

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