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Caitlin Keegan

The Happy Houseplant Deck

The Happy Houseplant Deck

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This colorful card deck by illustrator Caitlin Keegan features striking, intricate illustrations of 50 popular houseplants in gorgeous home settings and tips on how to care for each one, from roots to shoots.

The Happy Houseplant Deck is a deep dive into the wild world of houseplants. Whether you're a proud plant parent or have never seen a pothos in your life, this deck and its accompanying informational booklet will provide you with tips and tricks to help your houseplants thrive.

Shuffle through fifty indoor scenes featuring popular plants, from juicy curio and calathea to prickly pear cacti, bubbly succulents, and towering philodendrons and monstera. Each card provides specific plant care instructions including tips on light, soil, and water, as well as pet safety, fertilizer, and humidity. Use the booklet to learn about the most important components of plant care, the difference between desert and tropical environment plants, how to problem solve dry leaves or lack of growth, and the prime placement for your plants based on your home’s windows. Each of the fifty cards features a stunning illustrated plant in a unique habitat of its own: on an apartment windowsill, in a greenhouse, or prominently featured in a luxe lounge.

Dare to dream about your own indoor jungle and flex your green thumb with this delightful visual introduction to happy houseplants! 
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