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Radical Remedies: An Herbalist’s Guide to Empowered Self-Care

Radical Remedies: An Herbalist’s Guide to Empowered Self-Care

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Radical Remedies is a modern, approachable holistic health guide that focuses on physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Written by Brittany Ducham of Spellbound Herbals and illustrated by Elana Gabrielle, this beautiful and informative guide urges readers to take an active concern for their overall health and well-being by reconnecting with nature and honoring their own emotional history and experience. Focusing on twenty-five of the most nourishing herbs, this book shows how they can be used to remedy stress, depression, and insomnia, soothe tension in the body, and comfort a broken heart.

With insights on gut health, emotional balance, and the importance of whole foods, readers will discover practices and strategies to survive and thrive every day. Learn to make recipes like Ashwagandha Chai, Sacred Spark Infusion, Lemon Balm and Orange Peel Honey, and Banish the Blues Tincture, or follow instructions for a Honey Mallow Soothing Face Mask or a Gotu Kola Rose Facial Oil. While balance or vitality is never achieved through a singular act or quick fix, this guide details a deep well of practices and self-care that can aid you in the toughest of times.

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