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Root and Resin

Opening Ritual Mist

Opening Ritual Mist

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Handcrafted by Root and Resin in Woodstock, NY, this ritual mist is meant to help brighten your senses and lighten your energy. Open up to possibilities when your heart space is in a space of reverence and gratitude. 

Mist comes in a 2 oz green glass bottle with spray top.

Aromatic profile: Bright citrus note followed by a penetrating bittersweet-camphoraceous aroma with soft green undertones and a sweet herbaceous, tea-like drydown.

Ritual:  With Opening in hand, eyes opened or closed, pump 2-3 mists all around you and the space that you occupy and breathe in the aroma deeply. Notice the shift in your state. 


Ingredients: Essential oils of White sage (Salvia apiana), Atlas cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica), and Blood orange (Citrus sinensis) in distilled water

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