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Houseplant Care Kit

Houseplant Care Kit

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Want your plants to thrive without the guesswork? We The Wild's three essentials give you the A-B-C of plant care: fast growth, healthy leaves, and strong, resilient roots. 

Houseplant Care Kit comes with:

5.1 fluid oz bottle of Grow ConcentrateKick-start your plants with this highly active, safe, and natural plant food! Designed for fast absorption and packed with bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients for speedy growth and healthy plants, We The Wild's Grow Concentrate is certified organic, made in the US, and is appropriate for use on all potted plants. Made by earthworms (not from chemicals), Grow contains 20 groups of beneficial microbes and over 4 million microorganisms per teaspoon, to give your plants the biodiversity they crave.

8.5 fluid oz bottle of Protect SprayThis multi-purpose leaf protector and shine spray is packed full of organic neem and pure botanical oils like lemon myrtle and eucalyptus. A game-changer for every level of green thumb, We The Wild's potent but gentle Protect spray is certified organic, made in the US, and smells great while protecting your plants from sneaky pests! Use it to spray the top and underside of leaves and stems thoroughly and wipe if desired, to remove any dust and buildup from leaves.

8.8 oz pouch of Enrich Powder: Enrich Powder is your secret weapon for building strong, resilient plants. Sprinkle it on your soil, and let the beneficial fungi and complex nutrients transform your soil into a teeming ecosystem, ripe for growth. Enrich Powder is certified organic, made in the US, and made by earthworms (not from chemicals.) It contains ten groups of beneficial fungi and 3 billion microorganisms per tsp, to help your plants better absorb nutrients.

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