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DONA Turmeric concentrate

DONA Turmeric concentrate

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DONA's caffeine-free turmeric concentrate easily creates delicious & aromatic hot or iced golden lattes at home. Perfectly spiced and lightly-sweetened, it's brewed in small batches with single origin & direct trade spices, with notes of turmeric, pink peppercorn, ginger, allspice, lemongrass, and black pepper in every sip. Spices are ground fresh and slow steeped.

Concentrate is brewed & bottled in Brooklyn, NY and comes in a 16oz glass bottle. To use, mix equal parts DONA concentrate with milk of your choice, then heat, steam, or pour over ice. Refrigerate concentrate after opening. Vegan & gluten-free.

Ingredients: water, sugar, turmeric, ginger, pink peppercorn, allspice, black pepper, lemongrass, citric acid

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