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Deep Sleep roller oil

Deep Sleep roller oil

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Crafted with intention by Little Shop of Oils, Deep Sleep is an essential oil blend that was thoughtfully created for tosser-turners, over-thinkers, and those who eternally struggle to get to sleep. Tap into tranquility with this bold blend aimed at helping you get a solid night of restorative rest and wake up feeling fresh and recharged.

This blend features the alluring, earthy spice of frankincense, the sweet, soothing scents of lavender, blue tansy, and chamomile, and a relaxing hit of peppermint. It's also made with a crystal infusion of moonstone to connect you to the moon's magic, and an herbal infusion of lavender & chamomile to help calm the body and relax the mind.

To use, roll oil on the bottom of feet nightly, or any time you need to grab some restorative rest.

Packaged in a 10ml clear roller bottle. Always test a small amount on your skin to make sure there is no irritation before regular use.


Ingredients: sunflower oil, safflower oil, ylang ylang essential oil, peppermint essential oil, blue tansy essential oil, lavender essential oil, vetiver essential oil, frankincense essential oil, copaiba essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, ho wood essential oil, marjoram essential oil, roman chamomile essential oil, vitamin e, pieces of lavender & chamomile, moonstone

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