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Canvas and Cassette

Canvas and Cassette

Canvas and Cassette

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Canvas and Cassette is a New York-based art journal that highlights art in its many forms, focusing on creative and inspiring individuals who are living their purpose through their work. Designed and edited by Autumn Farina and featuring beautiful illustrations, studio visits, and insightful conversations with creatives, it's meant to motivate readers to follow their own passions, and to create a supportive community that uplifts and provides resources to everyone.

The Summer 2020 issue invites readers into the studio with NYC-based visual artist Amber Vittoria, into the home of astrologer Alice Bell, and inside the four walls of Brooklyn’s independent book shop Books Are Magic, and features profiles on inspiring individuals like Intersectional Environmentalist founder Leah Thomas and Womanly Magazine’s Attia Taylor. It’s also packed with gorgeous illustrations, a thoughtfully-curated playlist, and independent maker spotlights.

At 196 pages, the Summer 2021 issue is bigger than ever, and features guides to indoor plant care and navigating your local farmers market, a piece on dancer, writer, and multi-faceted artist Marlee Grace, and conversations with tarot reader + color magic practitioner Sarah Potter, clinical herbalist Sarah Corbett of Rowan and Sage, and Rollerflower, a Texas-based roller skater who shares fun skating videos to a growing community of followers on Instagram. 

Canvas and Cassette is printed sustainably in the Hudson Valley, New York.

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