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Shadow Lights Candles

Beeswax ritual candles

Beeswax ritual candles

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These 4” ritual candles are made from 100% beeswax and are perfect for use in ritual or on your altar. They measure approximately 1/2” at the base and will fit in any standard chime candle holder.

Choose from eleven different colors (each sold individually.) Below are some suggested color associations, but as always, follow your intuition + choose what feels right to you.


- Red: fire, passion, strength
- Pink: softness, love, harmony
- Orange: creativity, courage, play
- Yellow: joy, power, energy
- Green: abundance, growth 
- Blue: intuition, wisdom, vision
- Purple: spiritual expansion, insight 
- Brown: grounding, rootedness, harvest 
- Black: protection, shadow work, the unknown 
- Grey: openness, calmness, peace 
- White: clarity, clearing, new beginnings 

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