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All-Over Salve

All-Over Salve

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A healing herbal salve you can use anywhere, for any skin condition! Use this salve on hardworking hands, chapped lips, rough elbows, dry skin, new tattoos, or even a freshly washed face.

Hey Thanks! Herbal Co's All-Over Salve features local Pennsylvania sunflower and hemp seed oils: both healing in their own right, sunflower and hemp seeds are rich in vitamin E (protecting skin from free radicals, sun damage, and more), linoleic acid (maintaining the skins natural ability to retain moisture), and omega-6 GLA (which promotes cell growth and keeps inflammation in check).

In that base of rich plant oils is steeped homegrown and organic herbs: calendula, marshmallow, and violet moisturize and soothe, while comfrey works to heal any little cuts, scrapes and cracks that form due to dryness or over-use. Lavender lends a light scent, keeping this salve essential oil-free and soothing for even the most sensitive skin. Finally, a touch of unrefined shea butter creates a smooth, silky barrier that seriously seals in moisture. You'll want to use this salve all over!

Packaged in a 2 oz clear glass jar.

Ingredients: all homegrown or organic herbs: calendula, marshmallow, violet, comfrey and lavender infused in PA sunflower and hemp seed oil, unrefined shea butter and beeswax

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