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Andrea Stein

What Witches Wear (children's book)

What Witches Wear (children's book)

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What Witches Wear is an engaging and colorful exploration of what it means to be a modern witch. Written by Andrea Stein and illustrated by Taylor Barron, it's sure to be a bright spot on any little witch's bookshelf!

Have you ever wondered what a witch looks like? Do they all wear black capes and pointed hats, or could witches be more common than we think? In What Witches Wear, readers are introduced to witches that break down traditional media strerotypes of witchcraft to create a true and inclusive portrait of modern witchcraft. Matching each color of the rainbow with a unique witch, What Witches Wear reminds us that witches are everywhere — as our teachers, healthcare workers, artists, librarians, and even next door neighbors.

Hardcover; 8.5" x 8.5".

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