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Snakes For Hair

Snakes For Hair Postcards

Snakes For Hair Postcards

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This brand new offering from Snakes For Hair lets you send some magic to your faraway friends or brighten up your altar with intention-infused imagery. Choose from five designs (each sold individually) -- each postcard measures 4" x 6" and has plenty of room for you to write messages on the back. 


Witches! For! Equality!: a postcard version of Snakes For Hair's popular print, send this to your fellow activist witches or add it to your own altar to support your practice of peace, love, and equality for all.

Saturn Return: send this message of magic to a Saturn/Solar Return baby, or add it to your own altar for any Saturn-related transits.

Serpent Return: combining the themes of Saturn with serpent energy, send this to a friend or add it to your altar for support with Saturn-related transits or when navigating phases of shedding and rebirth. 

Meditate/Elevate: based on Snakes For Hair's Meditate/Elevate candle, send pyramid power to a loved one or add it to your own altar to support your practice.

Palm Of India: send palm power to a loved one, or let it live on your altar for protection and manifestation.

Today The Sun, Tomorrow The World: depicting planetary power surrounding a palmistry hand as the sun watches over, this image is meant to inspire you to feel the magic and mysteries of the universe and tomorrow.

Ace of Cups: the Ace of Cups in the Minor Arcana of the tarot signifies a new energy in your emotional, social, or spiritual life. The chalice stands for the vessel of your subconscious, while the ocean wave represents your intuition and emotions. The sea behind is the collective human spirit. 

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