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Snakes For Hair

Petition Papers (pack of 5)

Petition Papers (pack of 5)

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Created by Snakes for Hair, these petition papers are the perfect tool to amplify your rituals or spell work. Petition papers are where you write your statement of intent as part of a ritual spell -- they can then be placed on your altar, tucked away in your wallet, or kept under your pillow to act as a talisman. 

These little papers contain symbols and collage elements from original Snakes for Hair designs, intended to inspire the practitioner in any banishing or drawing work. They are hand-cut in the tradition of folk magic into a mini 3.4" x 2.2" size and come in a pack of five different designs, packaged in a metallic gold envelope. Each pack is different! 

There are many practices surrounding this tradition, so you may want to read up on petition papers if you have not worked with them before (as always, some practices may resonate with you and some may not, and that's ok!) 

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