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Snakes For Hair

Snakes For Hair altar candles

Snakes For Hair altar candles

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Snakes for Hair altar candles are designed in the traditions of folk magic, astrology, and Tarot. They're here to help you realize your mission as a self-creator. Magic is reciprocal, so light them with intention, tap into your highest vibration, and meditate on your wish.

Made with 100% soy wax and lightly-scented with patchouli, absinthe, and black currant. 

Abundance: Wealth can come in many forms, whether it be money, success, love, or spiritual fulfillment. Let your cup runneth over with any kind of riches you seek.

Ace of Cups: Based on the card from the Minor Arcana of the Tarot, the Ace of Cups signifies a new energy in your emotional, social, or spiritual life. Welcome new beginnings in projects or relationships (including romantic love, friendships, or creative relationships), or a renewal of energy in matters  that are already underway. 

Alchemy: Light for personal transmutation, to alter or reverse circumstances outside the self, to improve health, to align the macrocosm with microcosm, for spiritual and psychological wholeness, or for balance. “Alchemy” can be synonymous with The Magician card of the tarot. 

Come To Me: “Abracadabra” is said to come from the Hebrew phrase “abreq ad habra,” meaning “hurl your thunderbolt even unto death.” In Aramaic, “avra kehdabra” translates to “I will create as I speak.” Regardless, both meanings will empower your wish-speak with intention and stop at nothing to attract for your higher self. As you light your candle, meditate on whatever it is that you wish and know to have coming to you.

Cut and Clear: Let this be your weapon to cut psychic ties to energies that no longer serve your higher self. This is a powerful spell, not to be taken lightly — but commit to cut and clear and you will find freedom, lightness of being, and love.

The Empress: The Empress is the Mother Earth archetype, asking us to connect with our feminine side. Beauty, creative expression, and fertility of ideas (or literal fertility) are her domain. Invoke her to create a feeling of plentifulness in your life and to surrender to the sensual energies of the universe. The act of just feeling abundant creates more abundance, whether it be riches, love, or health. We can have it all!

Four of Wands: The Four of Wands of the minor arcana of the tarot represents joy, celebration, security, and harmony. Light to commemorate a milestone or achievement, and bask in the celebration of having watched your garden grow. 

Hecate: In Greek mythology, the triple goddess Hecate controls witchcraft, crossroads, the underworld, dreams, and death. Her symbols are keys that unlock the gates between realms. She is connected to all phases of the moon, but is typically associated with new moon.

The High Priestess: The High Priestess is the guardian of the subconscious — work with her to guide you to your higher, intuitive self. Creative pursuits as well as healing processes where we have to dig deep require us to access our High Priestess within. She reminds us that the answers to our questions reside within us, we only have to trust ourselves. 

House Bless: The flame that adorns this candle is a nod to Hestia, the Greek Goddess of the hearth (otherwise known as Vesta, her Roman equivalent). Her essence is symbolized by fire, while the keys symbolize a doorway to your own divinity and psychic space. Burn for peace, protection and tranquility of home and hearth.  

Lucky Black Cat: This popular familiar among witches is also a friend to gamblers, known to bring luck in money matters, particularly in card games and the lottery. The cat-as-harbinger-of-luck extends to all black arts though, including the granting of invisibility and return of lost love. 

The Magician: The Magician initiates the process of manifestation. You have all the tools you need to make your dreams come true, you only need to pick them up and put them into practice. Invoke the Magician for aid in seeing the fruits of your labor ripen; for your thoughts to begin to actualize on the physical plane; for your goals to find an anchor in the macrocosm. 

Mercury: This candle is an ode to Mercury, the god of communication, travel, financial abundance, and boundaries. Mercury also serves the souls of the underworld, so let this light help guide any departed loved ones. Work with this for all Mercury-related transits, including retrogrades, where it may aid in communication, travel, and contracts. 

Moon Power / Rebirth: As a creature that sheds its skin, the serpent stands for rebirth and transformation. Full and new moons are an ideal time to reassess and start fresh, but new beginnings can happen whenever we feel ready to enact change. 

One & Only: Work with this flower power to solidify or celebrate commitment; give to your one and only to light, or to light to find your one and only. A rose can signify fast luck, so expect speedy results.

Palm of India: Featuring an Indian palmistry hand and a multi-meaning eye and snake, let your intuition and wishes guide you to decide what sort of work to do, whether it be to draw luck, fortune, protection, or just aid in daily meditation.

Plant Power: Mushrooms are commonly  used in shamanic rituals as an agent for healing and knowledge. Recommended to support work in trauma, depression, addiction, and shedding fixed patterns of perception and behavior.

Protection / Cast Off: Like fractals of a jewel, the Evil Eye reflects all evil onto itself. This powerful talisman dates as far back as Classical Antiquity and spans many mystical traditions, lending it strength and potency to repel all lower energies and malevolent forces.

Rose Garden / Love Draw: The rose has long been used in love spells and is associated with Aphrodite, Eros, and Adonis — powerful allies to petition in your work. Harness this flower power to pull whichever kind of love you seek. In any love work, when we want to attract, the best practice is to focus on being love. Find that high vibration, connect to your chosen deity, feel you are that beam of loving light. Like attracts like, that is how you draw!

Sacred Heart: Light for love, devotion, strength, courage, truth, passion, and healing.

Santa Clara: Saint Clare of Assisi is the patron saint of fear, anxiety, eyes, and seeing. Call upon her for aid when working to remove blockages (that when self-imposed, are so often about fear!); when you need to make a decision; or when you need someone else to come to a decision, to see you, or to see truth. As the guardian of the eyes, she may also aid in clairvoyance. She is related to any and all matters of sight and clarity.

The Sun: Based on the tarot card from the Major Arcana, the sun represents positivity, success, vitality, and warmth. Light for abundance, public successes, sun worship, mood boost, and keeping the flame alive in Winter. 

Temperance: Based on the Major Arcana card in the Tarot, Temperance is your tool to help restore balance, moderation, and patience to your life, and choose the path of least resistance when you feel things are not flowing. Remember your long term goals and that you need to exercise your inner knowing to reach them.

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