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HRBLS herb-infused chews

HRBLS herb-infused chews

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HRBLS are supernatural herbal gummies. Portable, potent, and plant-based, each gummy is infused with a special blend of plant-based extracts and whole-food ingredients for a serving of herbal wellness anytime.

HRBLS are shelf-stable and 100% natural. They're made for busy humans who want herbs that can keep up: modern, natural treatments that are convenient, healthy, straightforward and effective.

Each blend sold separately, with 15 gummies per box. All three blends are CBD-free and can be taken any time.


NERVE LESS: Nervous-system soothing herbal gummies for a dose of peace. Blissful botanicals are blended into a base of honeyed lavender and real tarragon for true tranquility. Formulated with nervine herbs (herbs for the nervous system), this blend is specifically made for daytime anxiety relief without sedation. Eat any time of the day: have one at the end of the day when you need to wind down, or when you need to ease a little bit of anxiousness.

Ingredients: tapioca syrup, water, cane sugar, ashwagandha extract*, oat extract*, skullcap extract*, vegetable glycerine, pectin, citric acid, L-theanine, sodium citrate, lavender, tarragon oil (*organic)

EVERYDAY ENDURANCE: Energy + metabolism support for daily vitality. This blend contains some of the world’s greatest plant-based sources of energy, performance enhancement, and metabolism support (like ginseng, guarana, kola, and rhodiola.) Take to cut down on caffeine consumption and support natural energy (without the crash!) or to encourage better focus, memory, and brain health. Perfect first thing in the morning, pre-workout, or for the afternoon slumps, these sophisticated bites are herbal fuel for any day.

Ingredients: tapioca syrup, water, cane sugar, eleuthero extract*, ginkgo extract*, got kola extract*, panax ginseng extract*, kola nut extract, guarana extract, cordyceps extract, vegetable glycerine, pectin, rhodiola extract, beet powder, citric acid, cucumber powder, sodium citrate, rosemary oil, celery powder (*organic)

DIGESTNESS: citrus-ginger & sweet with a spark. This blend features bright citrus, honey, and a hint of spice for a blissful belly. These gummies will have your digestive fire burning bright and your palate super pleased. Formulated for improved digestion with a side of gut-healing, take before meals to prepare the stomach to receive with improved digestion and enhanced absorption, or after a meal.

Ingredients: tapioca syrup, water, cane sugar, catnip extract*, fennel extract*, chamomile extract*, calendula extract*, plantain extract*, vegetable glycerine, pectin, ginger, citric acid, fennel seed, sodium citrate, tangerine oil (*organic)


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a healthcare practitioner if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications.

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